Feeding 26 People in a Barn in Devon

Just back from The Hinterlands photographers workshop in Blackdown Yurts, a wonderful place in Devon. I was cooking for about 25 people in a shed – no running water! And only a small electric oven. So I knew I had to do as much cooking as possible in advance.


Friday tea
Date and walnut cake (made in advance)
Nutella and hazelnut cake (made in advance)

Friday supper
Fish stew (tomato base made in advance) with boiled potatoes
Chocolate brownies (made in advance)

Saturday lunch
Gammon cooked in coca cola, lentils
Green salad from here
Brocoli with green olives and tomatoes

Saturday tea
flapjacks (made in advance)

Saturday supper – i was relieved that we all went to the pub!

Sunday lunch
red lentil soup and bread
or packed lunches (sandwiches)

Sunday Supper
beef stew (made on Saturday) and couscous
Chocolate mousse trifle made with leftover chocolate brownies

Monday lunch
brown rice with broad beans and roast onions
pickled herrings and rye bread

Monday supper
Chorizo stew, mashed potato
Broad beans and courgettes
Lemon curd pudding with strawberries

Tuesday lunch
Smoked mackeral pate
Scotch eggs
Chickpeas with tahini and dill
Chard with almonds

Tuesday supper
Sausages and hamburgers on the barbeque
Cucumber and tomato salad
Coleslaw with capers and caraway seeds
Ginger biscuit fridge cake


Photos on this page by Mike Lusmore and Rebecca Harley.

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