1935419_142691366311_932113_nMy name is Olivia Lacey. I have worked professionally as a cook since 2005 when I trained in Ireland at the wonderful Ballymaloe School with Darina Allen followed by a summer cooking at Glebe House in West Cork.Then I came back to London and as a jobbing cook I have worked all over the place, from directors dining rooms to a shed in Devon.

My food tends to be very informal, firmly rooted in traditional English food but influenced by travelling a lot, particularly in India.

These days I mainly spend my time running The Feast of Reason, putting on events and holidays for small groups, and organising tailor-made travel, with a focus on food and meeting new people. I do still cook for festivals, small parties, informal weddings, and house parties so do contact me for more information.

“What is your signature dish?” is a question I find extremely difficult to answer because my cooking is not really about individual recipes but people coming together to eat.  I love the challenge of having to cook only with certain items, or within a particular budget but I am not the kind of cook who will go to great lengths to source a certain ingredient and I take every short cut going, so I think I will always be a good but not a great cook.

People often ask me for recipes, in particular recipes that work well for groups, and so I have posted a few here. Many of the recipes are for large numbers (anything from 20 to 150).