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Lockdown Day 12 (Sunday)

LUNCH Minestrone – see RECIPE belowBread and butterSliced oranges with yogurt SUPPERLamb curry – see RECIPE belowWhite basmati rice – see RECIPE Lamb curry – Recipe There is still frozen cooked lamb left in the freezer from my birthday party … Continue reading

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Lockdown Day 10 (Friday)

LUNCHBaked potatoesGrated cheese SUPPER Charlie Bingham’s Meatballs & PastaGreens and broad beansAnzac Biscuits – see RECIPE below Very basic food today and not much cooking. I did make Anzac Biscuits to send to a good friend, if I can justify … Continue reading

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Lockdown Day 9 (Thursday)

LUNCHBoiled eggs and toast. SUPPERStir fry with prawns – see RECIPE belowWhite basmati rice – see RECIPE below STIR FRY WITH PRAWNS – RECIPE – SERVES 2 This is a quick stir fry, the idea is that you can use … Continue reading

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Lockdown Day 8 (Wednesday)

LUNCHSplit pea soup – see RECIPE below. Boiled eggs Toast SUPPERSalad of cauliflower tomato and leftover peas, with salad dressing of olive oil, red wine vinegar and lots of mustard. (The cauliflower cut up small, blanched, drained and put hot … Continue reading

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Lockdown Day 7 (Tuesday)

LUNCHbaked potatoes leftover red cabbage mozzarella (from Lidl, very good) and tomatoeshummus – see TRICK below TEAMade fairy cakes with the toddler – see ‘RECIPE’ below. SUPPERShepherds pie – see RECIPE below.Peas (frozen) HUMMUS – TRICKThere are dozens of hummus … Continue reading

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Lockdown Day 6 (Monday)

LUNCHBaked potatoesVeg stew (leftover ratatouille mixed with leftover soup and rice)Grated cheese TEABanana Bread – see RECIPE belowI made this celebrate one week in lockdown til I realised that technically it’s only been 6 days. Feels like about 6 weeks. … Continue reading

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Favourite Cookery Books

I have done very little proper cooking lately, after changing direction late in life and becoming a parent. Hilariously (to my friends at least) my daughter is fast becoming a very ‘fussy eater’ who would happily exist on a diet … Continue reading

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Favourite Kitchen Implements

Heat-Resistant SpatulaSo much more useful than a wooden spoon when you need to scrape up every last drop. Nisbets does this professional-kitchen one with a long handle. Smaller versions are available from any kitchen shop but make sure it’s heat-resistant.

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Cooking Terms

DEGLAZEAfter a piece of meat has been fried, a delicious simple sauce can be made in the same pan. The meat is removed from the pan, the pan is returned to the heat and liquid (often alcohol but may be … Continue reading

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Let’s Do Lunch: Olafur Eliasson

Great interview by Marina O’Loughlin in the Guardian about artist Olafur Eliasson. Best known for his giant sun at Tate Modern and passionate about food. In his vast Berlin studio there is a kitchen that feeds the entire workforce every … Continue reading

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