Genuinely fast recipes which are very good

I find those “30-minutes recipes” which turn out to take nearer an hour very annoying. But occasionally I come across something that is incredibly quick to make but tastes as if it should take a long time.

Ingredients: 2 smoked mackerel, 200 ml plain yoghurt.
Peel the skin away from the smoked mackerel, break into rough pieces. Put it in a bowl with the yoghurt, mash with a fork til smooth. Serve with toast or as a dip. Dust with paprika or cumin if feeling fancy. People will say ‘what’s in this?’

BARBADOS CREAM (make in advance)
Very simple recipe passed on to me from my friend Tasha.
Ingredients: 500 ml double cream, 500 ml plain yoghurt (Greek is best), 100 g dark brown sugar.
The amounts are approximate.
Whip the cream til thick, stir in plain yoghurt. Put in shallow bowl or serving dish and sprinkle liberally with the sugar. It should make a thick layer. Cover with a plate or cling film. Put in fridge at least overnight, or 24 hours even better. Great with stewed fruit.

Via my sister. As she says, ‘it’s like magic’.
Ingredients: Bananas!
Roughly chop the bananas, put into freezer until frozen. Put into food processor liquidiser, blend until it has a smoothie consistency. If this doesn’t happen, or your liquidizer starts to smoke in protest, add a little milk. Ta da! Ice-cream! Eat straight away or freeze.

A variation on the banana ice-cream above.
Ingredients: 2 bananas, 1 tin pineapple pieces or slices, 200 ml plain yoghurt, zest of 1/2 lime or lemon
Method: roughly chop bananas and pineapple and put in freezer. When frozen, put in food processor or liquidiser with yoghurt and zest and blend until it has a smoothie consistency.. Eat straight away or freeze.



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