Lockdown Day 16 (Thursday)

Houmous and toast

Leftover lasagne

Barely worth posting today as our eating has been so unadventurous.
Boris Johnson has come out of intensive care. Great relief for everyone as now they can pretend he’s working and avoid having to work out who should run the country.
Dominic Raab said at the press conference that the lockdown won’t be removed next week (after 3 weeks). Not a surprise, I don’t think anyone had thought it would, but it removes any possibility of denial that this is going to last a long long time. Will it really be 3 months?
Talked to friends in Sweden. They’re not in lockdown as the government is taking a completely different approach. I’m worried about them and hope they are getting in supplies for what seems like inevitable lockdown at some point. Here is my lockdown shopping list.

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