100 scones for Persephone Books

Made 100 scones for Persephone Books tea using this foolproof Ballymaloe recipe. (Note that it’s jam first then¬†cream – revealing my Cornish loyalty).

To make 100, use the quantities below. But when using the Magmix (even though I have the largest size Рthough I covet the new extra large 5200XL) I find it easiest to work in batches, mixing the dough and putting it in my largest mixing bowl then mixing another batch.

ingredients x 1 (makes about 20) x 5 (makes about 100)
flour 900g 4500g
butter 170g 850g
eggs 3 15
baking powder 3 heaped tsp 15 heaped tsp
castor sugar (optional) 50g 250g
milk about 450ml max 1250ml

Scones at Persephone Books

Scones at Persephone Books

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