Lockdown Day 6 (Monday)

Baked potatoes
Veg stew (leftover ratatouille mixed with leftover soup and rice)
Grated cheese

Banana Bread – see RECIPE below
I made this celebrate one week in lockdown til I realised that technically it’s only been 6 days. Feels like about 6 weeks.

Pasta with sauce made from fried leeks, a jar of...Read More »

Dark Chocolate Cake (Vg)

Rich, proper chocolate cake. Makes a great vegan birthday cake, or for someone with an egg allergy. Also very good served warm as a pudding, with thick cream. It is very quick and easy to make so works well for large numbers.


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The Perfect Scone

These Ballymaloe scones never fail because of the generous amount of eggs and baking power in the recipe. When I make them I can hear Darina Allen talking about whipping up a batch as you see your guests walking up the garden path. I can’t possibly make them that fast even though I always...Read More »

100 scones for Persephone Books

Made 100 scones for Persephone Books tea using this foolproof Ballymaloe recipe. (Note that it’s jam first then cream – revealing my Cornish loyalty).

To make 100, use the quantities below. But when using the Magmix (even though I have the largest size – though I covet the new extra large...Read More »

A Chocolate Raspberry Pudding Cake for 80 people

This Nigella Lawson recipe works extremely well for large numbers as it’s very easy to make in a huge saucepan and extremely forgiving of almost any baking tray or oven.


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Making pastry the easy way

I am not a natural pastry maker unlike my grandmother Norma who made wonderful light pastry by hand. I’m also lazy and take any shortcut going, so at the risk of sounding like an advert I always make pastry in the Magimix (same with scones). I...Read More »

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